Type S HYPERBRIGHT™ 48" Smart LED Interior Kit

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Add some character to your ride with the HyperBright Smart LED Kit from TYPE S, featuring HyperBright multicolor light strips and a smart hub controller for a custom lighting experience using the TYPE S LED app.

Looking to add some unique colors to your vehicle's interior? Look no further than the TYPE S App-Controlled 48" Smart LED Deluxe Lighting Kit. This kit uses easy-to-install LED light strips to allow you to transform your vehicle into a fun and creative escape.

Best Interior Car Lights

Whether you're looking to replace your existing interior lights or simply augment them in certain locations, it's important to have the best interior car lights to do the job. The TYPE S LED Lights are equipped with HyperBright technology to make them brighter than most LED accent lighting.

Connect LED Smart Lights

When it comes to customizing your car, it's important that you can connect the LED smart lights easily so that you don't damage your vehicle during installation. Using basic plugs and strong adhesive backing, your TYPE S LED Smart Lights will be ready to go quickly.

App-Controlled Custom Lights for Your Car

Unlike typical lights that use an on/off switch, the TYPE S LED Lights are app-controlled custom lights for your car. Using the TYPE S app, you have total control over every aspect of your lights. You can even set the lights to respond to music so you can have even more fun driving down the road.

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