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  It all started when my friends and I couldn't finish our projects because we couldn't afford to pay retail price on the products we wanted/needed, so I decided to start looking into wholesale accounts to get the good guy pricing and after a year I figured "why be selfish I should share these prices with the whole car comunity" and started working on building an easy to use website and adding to the small amount of products and distribution I currently had, so after a long hard road and tons of leg work and money here we are DRFT Industries LLC with drftindustries.com and soon to be Done Right Performance !

My name is Brian Darnall I've been building cars most of my life its really all I know, I am honest, loyal and always do my best to bring you the lowest prices I can, we Always advertise at the absolute lowest price we can and offer immediate discounts and monthly specials to our team/ Email subscribers 

No Spam and No BS just great products at the best pricing we can 

Brian Darnall 


DRFT Industries 

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