CTEK 12V smart charger

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The CTEK 12V smart charger is a reliable and reliable way to maintain your 12V car battery. It ensures a constant, complete charging process that keeps your battery healthy and prolongs its life. Designed with advanced technology, this charger is perfect for all types of 12V lead-acid batteries.

The CTEK 12v Lithium US Smart Charger offers complete LiFePO4 battery care with its unique and patented system to Recover, Charge and Maintain. Maximize your lithium battery’s performance and lifespan with this fully automatic “connect and forget” charger.

The perfect charger to get the longest life out of your investment !

  • Recover, Charge and Maintain 12V Lithium Batteries
  • Charges LiFePO4 batteries from 5Ah to 60Ah, maintains up to 120Ah
  • Up to 4.3A of charge current
  • 8-Step program

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