Project X - Ghost Box module

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Accessory control redefined

The Project X - Ghost Box module wireless ecosystem reimagines the market standard for switch boxes, creating a totally customizable and wirelessly controlled experience.

The Ghost Box fully expandable system includes a two-circuit control module that wirelessly communicates to the PROJECT X app, Or to an optional control keypad which can be programmed with the app as well.

Control a single module for an easy accessory install, or create a large ecosystem of Ghost Box connected accessories on or in your vehicles, trailers and equipment. Create presets and set timers for anything connected.

With the PROJECT X Ghost Box module makes it easy to Connect with the Wild.

  • Fully Customizable Ecosystem - The PROJECT X Ghost Box allows you to create a fully customizable ecosystem using our PROJECT X app. Create lighting scenes, preset colors, control groups, timers and more.
  • Make Any Accessory Smart - Add your Ghost Box control module to any accessory power harness to wirelessly integrate it into the PROJECT X ecosystem
  • Wireless Control - Wirelessly connect all your Ghost Box control modules to your control pad via 2.4GHz RF Wireless without having to route wires into your cab - simply tap the control pad to power and go!
  • ?Wired? Reliability, Wireless Freedom - Utilizing both Bluetooth and RF Wireless, the Ghost Box system gives you a reliable connection to your vehicle accessories ensuring your control is never severed.
  • Dual Circuit - Each module features a 2-circuit setup with a 20 amp and 40 amp circuit to give you multiple options for accessory control.
  • Easy to Pair - Intuitively connect your vehicle accessories the same way you would sync any Bluetooth product to integrate into your PROJECT X ecosystem.
  • Expand your control - Add up to 24 control modules across your vehicle, trailers and other equipment to link your system together as needed.

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