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Hello and thank you for coming along on this ride !

  We have been pushing forward with making new connections and finding the best ways to bring you the products we all love, and we are SUPER excited to announce two of our new heavy hitters which are the two I'm the most excited for; PROJECT X and KING shocks !!!!  Now everyone knows or has heard of the amazing KING shocks which bring you some of the toughest ultra high performance off-road shocks on the market but some of you may not know KING also has a complete line of OEM performance off road shocks that are completely bolt on for many trucks and SUV's like the new BRONCO and RAPTOR, a whole line up of JEEP JK and JL along with JT's and TACOMA just to name a few. 

     Though some of you probably haven't heard too much about PROJECT X off-road (but you will for sure hear that name for many years to come) however they have been working for a good while now with their teem of engineers to put together an entire eco system to run all your electrical needs with some ultra tough ultra bright lighting to wireless switching technology that can be ran from your phone a tablet or even a switch panel that can be mounted, you will definitely want to check out the patented GHOST BOX no need to run wires inside your cab anymore !!!

     PROJECT X has also developed an awesome ROCK LIGHT set up that even has an option for cameras so you can literally be your own spotter , or maybe you preferer to have the cameras built into your head lights so you can not only view your journey on your phone or tablet but you can record it and show your friends and family  

As you can see we are trying to line up some amazing products and remember if you have any questions or don't see what you're looking for just ask us!

Brian Darnall


DRFT Industries

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